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We're Going to Chicago!

The 2016 Greenville reunion was phenomenal! We couldn't have asked for much better.  All I can say is, Lord willing, I will never miss a family reunion!  Cousin Eldred C. Marshall III graciously wrote a summary of our reunion weekend:

Unity Brings Blessings

This past July the Mayberrys, Buckners, and Marshalls held their 2016 family reunion at their ancestral home of Winterville, Mississippi. At the banquet at the center for higher learning in Greenville on Friday, July 22 the family members found their place on one of the ten branches of the family tree of Henry and Louisa Diggs Buckner. The oldest family member that was present is Nancy Marshall Williams who is the granddaughter of Henry and Louisa. She is 101 years old. The youngest family member that was present is the great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter of Henry and Louisa. Henry was born in Kentucky 1824. Through DNA testing it has been determined that he was descended from the Makua tribe of present day Mozambique. Louisa was born in Louisiana in 1847. She was descended from the Mende and Temde of present day Sierra Leone. The Buckners have been in this country 9 generations.

Of the ten children of Henry and Louisa (the branches of their family tree) six had descendants in attendance. Louisa’s eldest daughter was Rachel Brooks. She married Andrew Mayberry. Rachel’s branch was represented by Bonita Rachel Walker and her family. Also in attendance were the descendants a son of Henry and Louisa named Eugene Buckner. His branch was represented by the Blaylocks who are the children of William and Rubertha “Lady” Buckner Blaylock. Additionally, Henry and Louisa’s son Randall Buckner was represented as well. Oeather Richardson and her family represented this branch. Another son of Henry and Louisa, Colonel Buckner, was represented by Eunice Bucknerboone. The youngest daughter of Henry and Louisa was Florida Buckner. She married Eldred Marshall, Sr. The Marshalls had the second largest number in attendance. But the branch with the largest number in attendance was that of son Reason Buckner, Sr.

On Saturday, July 23 there was a picnic at a community center in Metcalf. Entertainment was provided by singing family members and Evan Buckner on violin. Scott Blaylock’s delicious barbeque sauce was on the ribs and the younger children played games. The twins of the family posed for a photo. When the rain let up most of the family took the ride 5 miles north to visit Winterville. The children took a hayride thanks to Larry Denson and I provided narration of the places of family history. I told the children of heroic deeds done by the family during the 1927 flood and how the family was resourceful and resilient during Jim Crow segregation. With a can-do attitude our enterprising family were independent businessmen, farmers, teachers, and pastors. They were their own boss and had their own. But even more importantly the family worked together and helped one another. At the end of the hayride I asked the younger family members, “Given what our ancestors were up against, what excuse do we have today for not succeeding?”

Some of the sites seen were Blaylock Road, Myrtle Grove Baptist Church which is the family church for the Blaylocks, the levee, the Buckner-Marshall family cemetery, the Buckner estate, the Marshall estate, and Mount Olive Baptist Church which was founded by the Mayberrys, Buckners, and Marshalls in 1908. Reason Buckner, Sr. was the founding pastor. The other founding members were his siblings Randall Buckner and Florida Buckner Marshall and their families.Additionally, Andrew and Rachel Brooks Mayberry and their family were also founding members. Reason Sr.’s grandson, Thomas Buckner, Sr., eventually pastored too at Mount Olive and three other of Reason, Sr.’s grandchildren are currently in prominent leadership positions.

I was privileged to bring the message at Mount Olive on Sunday, July 24. My great-uncle founded this church and it is the church where my grandparents, Eldred and Florida Buckner Marshall, raised their children. The text was Psalm 133. The theme was “Unity Brings Blessings” for “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity” (Psalm 133:1). The points were: 1. Proposition of Unity (v. 1), 2. The Portrait of Unity (vv2-3a), and 3. The Promise of Blessings (v. 3b).

Lord willing, our next reunion will be in Chicago from July 20 to July 22, 2018.


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The Family Book is Here!

     Marshall Buckner Mayberry 2014 is a genealogical account of how our three families are connected. We can trace our history back almost 200 years to our common ancestor, Louisa Diggs Buckner born in 1848 and her husband, Henry Buckner born in 1824. We also can go back one additional generation to Louisa's father, Abraham Diggs born around 1820.

     Through DNA, our families have found two of our African Roots. Louisa's maternal line hails from the Temne and Mende people of present day Sierra Leone. Henry Buckner's paternal line stems from the Makua people of present day Mozambique.

     Completing this work of art has been truly a blessing for me. I feel as if I'm getting to know many of you even before we meet. This book is 140 page full color synopsis of our family is a must have for your home library. You may order our book online by clicking this link:  Marshall Buckner Mayberry 2014 book